What is easy cremation?
Easy, or direct, cremation means a cremation that takes place without a ceremony, service, or embalming beforehand. It is a more flexible, economical method of disposition of the deceased.
How much does cremation cost?
Our Easy Cremation is all-inclusive and costs $1,395.00 before taxes. We are happy to provide an itemized price list upon request.
Do I have to buy an urn?
The urn is included.
What if I want a different urn?
We provide a basic urn, but you can choose to put the ashes in whatever you like after they are delivered. We leave that part up to you.
Can I see my loved one before the cremation?
Yes. Family groups are allowed to visit with the deceased before the cremation takes place for up to 30 minutes. Simply let us know.
How can I be sure I receive the correct remains?
We have developed a rigorous set of operating policies and procedures to maximize our level of quality and minimize the potential for human error. Positive identification of the deceased is assured throughout each stage of the cremation process, and we only allow certified professionals to operate our cremation equipment.
When will I get the ashes?
Because cremation is irreversible, the state of Colorado requires us to wait two days before cremation takes place. After cremation, the remains are usually received in about a week.
Is a casket needed for cremation?
No. All that’s needed is a rigid container, which we provide, that is cremated with the body. This container is required by law to provide safety for the crematory operator and, more importantly, dignity for the deceased.
Is embalming required prior to cremation?
Absolutely not. It is against the law for a funeral home to tell you otherwise.
Where are you located?
We have multiple facilities in Colorado that serve the greater Denver area. View our locations here.
Do you own your own crematory?
Yes. Unlike many other direct cremation companies who use third party crematories, we own and operate our own crematories. This means your loved one never leaves our care and ensures correct identification of the deceased.
Can I still have a funeral?
Of course. In fact, we encourage it. A memorial service of any kind is extremely beneficial during the grief process. Since you know your loved one better than we ever could, we leave that part up to you.

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