Our Story

Someone you love has passed away. Now what? You know you want to keep things simple. You check around, but websites and phone calls leave you even more confused.

This is why we created easy cremation.

We simplified the process and removed the guesswork, anxiety, and unnecessary steps.  We know that others may offer a low price, but their charges add up to much more when all is said and done. Our commitment to simplicity and transparency is your assurance there will be no surprises.

Here are more reasons you can trust Easy Cremation:

  • Your loved one never leaves our care.  Others outsource the transfer, the holding, and the cremation of your loved one.  We have our own staff, trained to our high standards of professionalism and kindness.  Our facilities are spotlessly clean, modern, and dignified.
  • We protect your privacy.  Your information and the intimate details of your loved one are never shared with others who aren’t entitled to such information.  To help you avoid identity theft and to file for any benefits, we submit a form to Social Security that helps expedite your claim.
  • We share your concern for a healthy environment.  That is why we buy carbon offsets to negate the effect of the cremation process on our environment.
  • We are transparent with only the items you need. You will not be sold additional items that make the process more complex and expensive.
  • Our people are not rewarded to sell you more things.  We hire compassionate and kind professionals who are rewarded by your satisfaction.
  • We are so certain you will be pleased with easy cremation that we make you this unconditional guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our services, we will remove that charge.

Quite simply, we are here to make these times easier for you and to earn your family’s confidence for many years to come.